Call of Duty: A Rebuttal to the Naysayers

Hello, dear reader, and good morning (or afternoon, or evening, wherever you may be)!

As an avid gamer, I have a rather large list of absolutely stunning video games that I love to play: Skyrim (or pretty much anything with an Elder Scrolls name stamped on the cover), Fallout, Ocarina of Time, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Halo, Goldeneye, Bioshock, Far Cry, Fable, Pokémon Red & Blue, and Modern Warfare.

Aaaaaand suddenly I’ve lost a whole bunch of you. “But Dingo,” I can hear you protesting, “You must’ve made a mistake there. You listed all of those brilliant games, and then threw in Modern Warfare. Is it a joke? Please say it is.”

I’m happy to say that is it not a joke.

Lately I’ve heard from so many friends and more than a few articles about the black hole of crap that is the Modern Warfare series. And I’ve finally had enough. Personally, I find the series to be genuinely fun and exciting. So, I’m going to take a look at what I hear as the biggest reasons behind the series sucking, and take them apart.

1. Modern Warfare uses a “Copy and Paste” format to create “new” games.

True. It very much does. But this doesn’t mean that any of the games or the series as a whole are any worse for doing so.  Do you know what other “brilliant” games used copy/paste? I bet a few of these sound familiar: Pokémon, Halo, Mario, and Fable.  And that’s just a few off of the top of my head.  And these games are all celebrated for the playability and overall wonderful-ness.

My point here is that just because a game used a tried and truth method to reproduce its earlier success doesn’t make it a bad game.  As my grandfather (and I’m pretty sure every grandfather ever) used to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

2. All of the players are ignorant, racist teens.

Yes, and all Americans are fat and lazy, and all Canadians say “eh?” and wear fur hats.  The truth is, the overall average age of the gamer is on the rise, and is currently sitting in its thirties.  A large portion of this is because of the Modern Warfare series.  Many of its players are gamers who truly enjoy military-style games, and many are also vets.  In my experience, yes, there have been quite a few 12-year-olds trying to sound like a badass by throwing out a few choice expletives, but there have been far, far more mature and fully functioning adults playing. In fact among the hundred-ish people I am friends with through Steam who play MW, not a single one of them is under the age of 18, and a large majority are my age or older.

That being said, I must say, as it was brought to my attention, the console version of the game does seem to suffer more at the hands of these merciless tweens. A special thank you to the parents who buy M-rated games for your 12-year-old. You’ve just been awaded the “Parent of he Year” Award.  Actually, this will lead nicely into a future rank I have planned about PC gaming versus console gaming. But that’s for later. Moving on…

3. IWNet is a terrible lobby generator/server setup.

Agreed, I won’t argue with this. You get this one.

4. MW is just another walk-through shooter. It doesn’t require any brainpower.

Yes, it is, and no it doesn’t.  Neither do Super Mario Brothers or Angry Birds, both wildly popular games.  The Modern Warfare series wasn’t created to be a Mensa-membership-required difficult puzzle game like Myst. It’s designed to be simple, fun, and repetitive.  Ask any fan of the series if they like the story.  99% of them are going say “Wait, what story?” because that’s not what we’re in this series for.  We like the multiplayer, the simple, redundant gameplay that let’s our brains take a chill-pill after a long, hard day of crap.

5. The series is worn-out and done. No one cares about it anymore.


Ha ha.


Okay, sorry, I’m had to get that out. I feel fine now. No one cares anymore? Modern Warfare 3 alone raked in over one billion dollars within three weeks of its release, and that’s in the middle of a pretty crummy economy. Nearly every gaming publication rated it as an 8.5 out 10 or higher, and the game literally doubled the amount of Call of Duty players overall.

My second point is: who cares if it’s worn-out and done? So is pretty much every game I listed in my opening, and yet I’ll bet every gamer has at least three of the games on that list and still enjoys playing them. If a game is fun, that’s all that matters.

Ultimately, whether or not Modern Warfare is a good game series boils down to opinion.  Either you like it, or you don’t. Either way is fine with me, as long as you don’t blast it for any of the above reasons.  If you think it’s a bad game simply because you don’t enjoy the gameplay, just man up and say.  There is nothing wrong with disliking a game for its gameplay. Don’t make reasons up.

Personally, Modern Warfare is Dingo-approved. That is all.  Have a great day, reader!


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